How to grow creativity?

Creativity is important for all the world.
I hope I can be always creative. These are 5 ways that I grow my creativity:
  1. Nature: Nature is the mother of any masterpiece. Nature beauty is full of all kinds of possibilities. I see NASA’s Astronomy Pictures of the Day and National Geographic: Photo of the Day everyday. Their best pictures of the day inspire me by wonderful colors, shapes and mixture. Plus, I plant some plants.
  2. Exercise: Exercise is the best invest one can do in one’s life. Exercise can make people strong, healthy, smarter, prettier, and more creative; moreover, exercise give people having a good memory. Recently, I learn Latin dance from this youtube channel. Latin music and dance can lift my spirit. (update: 2012 I will learn more about Zumba)
  3. Eliminate: Eliminate all the small stuff in your mind and in your area. Keeping a simpler life for some time, I found that many ideas just appear much much more often than ever.
  4. Keep doing: Learning by doing is true. Only imagination in mind will not get output, when I try to get the idea into reality and I would find the problems, even better ideas. It’s hard to grow creativity when you are not capable of owning basic knowledge.
  5. Try something else: To know a new thing, eat exotic food, put on colors you feel strange. Sometimes being in an uncomfortable situation can stir your mind. To lead a regular life is not bad, but good ideas are hardly coming from the things you do everyday.
No one knows when the next ideas will come. Keeping good habits to grow creativity is the key to open the mind.

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