The dots

These are dots formed by the wire itself. All are little circles from different angles.

Which angle to choose?

A: The most important factor to consider is the next character.

I knew the last dot is missed. Early this month, I saw the piece made in 2012 and made other little circles.

You can see the backs, too. Maybe it would be helpful for some people.


Video: How to make wire open spiral easily

Merry X'mas!
I uploaded a video: How to make wire open spiral easily

There are many ways to make wire open spirals. Here is an very easy way to make. It's not the best but it's really simple.  

Wiring the wire around is nothing new. Many people have used it beofore in various ways, just like basic looping skills. This is just another play.

Any question can trigger me to think about what I can or should add. I know my work well, sometimes other people just need more description. Giving some positive explanations about the making of open spiral can be helpful to my readers. Below are the features from material, tools to how-tos, in fact; each feature can stand right independently.:
  1. Material: You start with only 1 piece of wire. You only make sure it is long enough but do not have to measure the actual length. The length is not the thing determining the size.
  2. Tools: a cutter, pliers with a pair of very small tips and a platform, i.e. anything with a flat surface. No other tools needed.
  3. When setting the circles, you grasp the very center of wire with your pliers. The only place might have tool marks. Your pliers have nothing to do with the surface of spiral. One of the best things is the very center point could be cut out later, therefore no tool marks exist.
  4. What the platform plays? It not only helps to set the horizon, but also make the process easier and faster. With the help, even a beginner can make it without pain. You make the spirals not only with both hands but also with a platform.
  5. While making and ending, always keep both ends of wire toward opposite directions. This way can make sure the same sizes, moreover the shape will be better for the flexibility of metal wire.
  6. Spirals with long tails: Each spiral you get has a long wire tail. You can turn the wire tail into other shapes for functional or decorating purposes.


"On Tool Marks" added

Write With Wire ebook has a new update.

Basically, everything is the same, but there are some new contents added.

They are:
  • On Tool Marks
    This section will help to reduce or avoid tool marks, so that the final results could be  looking prettier. Any wire craft has to deal with tool marks. Don't let ugly tool marks depress your passion.
  • How to straighten wireThis has not much to do with writing with wire. I'd be glad to add it for it's useful to make bookmark clip with your writing and other wire crafts. When the wire should be straight according to your design, make it straight enough.
  • Other minors
    Such as: joining tip, using mandrel tips, easy ovals.
Every letter has several types and methods to make, just like everybody has his or her own hand writing. It's impossible to include all the types. Once you know how to write with wire, the rest is about your own style and creativity.


Wrapping D

Letters can have many styles. Everyone has his or her own style.
Some you like, some you don't.

Wrapping is another wiring style. You can add some wire wrapping to your writing. There is a simple rule that combining what you've learnt can create some new things.
The making process is clear:
Make the letter first and then wrap it.
All you need is one piece of wire, thus you can limit the number of wire ends to 2. The less ends, the better. The ends of the D are both at the bottom. One is covered by the other.

The benefit is not only to give a style but to strengthen the letter.

The ear hook is for comparing size. 

Wrapping is categorized in variations so it's not included in the ebook.


About tools and materials

Whatever you are playing with, you'd better know what the tools and materials you can have. This would be a good start, not only saving time but also saving money.

Tools help to make your crafting easier, faster, and better.

The basic tools about wirework, including wire-writing, are the three pliers:

  1. Wire cutter: A stronger one is better.
  2. Round nose pliers
  3. Chain nose pliers
With the three tools, you can make about 80% of wirework. Buying them together as a tool kit can usually save dollars.

Other tools:
  1. Crimper tool
  2. Nipper tool
  3. Compo pliers
  4. Nylon jaw pliers
  5. Coiling tool
  6. ..........so many

Materials provide a variety of possibilities.

  1. wires:
    the colors, the metals, the shapes, the strands... 
  2. findings
    jump rings......
  3. beads
    gems, glass, crystals, natural or not....
All about tools and materials, I recommend you to have a catalog, here is Beadalon's free catalog to download.
The file size is big, so take your time. In the product catalog, there are some very basic instructions and knowledge. You can rarely find a better choice, moreover, it's free. So, you do not need to purchase.

P.S. So far, I have nothing to do with Beadalon and you don't have to buy their products. It's just a good way for your understanding about wire tools and materials.


Wire cutting tips

Cutting wires is the very basic.
Here are 2 common tips and 1 my personal tip. In order to show more clearly, I made some simple drawings.

Wire Cutting Tip 1:

When cutting wire, the edges of the cutter have to be at 90 degrees against wire. Unless to sever a specific need, we should not leave the ends sharp.

Wire Cutting Tip 2:

Turn your cutter and cut again. After cutting, touch the end with a finger to tell if any part sharp. In case of thick wire ends, it's common to file the ends with a filer after cutting.

Wire Cutting Tip 3:

Use a thin and elastic slice or sheet to secure, so the other side of wire will not be touched by the cutter. No touch, no tool mark.

The transparent ruler is a little good weapon. You can see through the ruler so that you get to know the position easily.


How to make a wire heart, added to "Write With Wire" ebook

One method of making a wire heart is added to "Write With Wire" ebook.

I have sent the new version to previous buyer via email. If you do not get it, please inform me.

How to make a wire heart

Wire Heart: Bella