Wire cutting tips

Cutting wires is the very basic.
Here are 2 common tips and 1 my personal tip. In order to show more clearly, I made some simple drawings.

Wire Cutting Tip 1:

When cutting wire, the edges of the cutter have to be at 90 degrees against wire. Unless to sever a specific need, we should not leave the ends sharp.

Wire Cutting Tip 2:

Turn your cutter and cut again. After cutting, touch the end with a finger to tell if any part sharp. In case of thick wire ends, it's common to file the ends with a filer after cutting.

Wire Cutting Tip 3:

Use a thin and elastic slice or sheet to secure, so the other side of wire will not be touched by the cutter. No touch, no tool mark.

The transparent ruler is a little good weapon. You can see through the ruler so that you get to know the position easily.

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