About tools and materials

Whatever you are playing with, you'd better know what the tools and materials you can have. This would be a good start, not only saving time but also saving money.

Tools help to make your crafting easier, faster, and better.

The basic tools about wirework, including wire-writing, are the three pliers:

  1. Wire cutter: A stronger one is better.
  2. Round nose pliers
  3. Chain nose pliers
With the three tools, you can make about 80% of wirework. Buying them together as a tool kit can usually save dollars.

Other tools:
  1. Crimper tool
  2. Nipper tool
  3. Compo pliers
  4. Nylon jaw pliers
  5. Coiling tool
  6. ..........so many

Materials provide a variety of possibilities.

  1. wires:
    the colors, the metals, the shapes, the strands... 
  2. findings
    jump rings......
  3. beads
    gems, glass, crystals, natural or not....
All about tools and materials, I recommend you to have a catalog, here is Beadalon's free catalog to download.
The file size is big, so take your time. In the product catalog, there are some very basic instructions and knowledge. You can rarely find a better choice, moreover, it's free. So, you do not need to purchase.

P.S. So far, I have nothing to do with Beadalon and you don't have to buy their products. It's just a good way for your understanding about wire tools and materials.

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