"On Tool Marks" added

Write With Wire ebook has a new update.

Basically, everything is the same, but there are some new contents added.

They are:
  • On Tool Marks
    This section will help to reduce or avoid tool marks, so that the final results could be  looking prettier. Any wire craft has to deal with tool marks. Don't let ugly tool marks depress your passion.
  • How to straighten wireThis has not much to do with writing with wire. I'd be glad to add it for it's useful to make bookmark clip with your writing and other wire crafts. When the wire should be straight according to your design, make it straight enough.
  • Other minors
    Such as: joining tip, using mandrel tips, easy ovals.
Every letter has several types and methods to make, just like everybody has his or her own hand writing. It's impossible to include all the types. Once you know how to write with wire, the rest is about your own style and creativity.

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