Video: How to make wire open spiral easily

Merry X'mas!
I uploaded a video: How to make wire open spiral easily

There are many ways to make wire open spirals. Here is an very easy way to make. It's not the best but it's really simple.  

Wiring the wire around is nothing new. Many people have used it beofore in various ways, just like basic looping skills. This is just another play.

Any question can trigger me to think about what I can or should add. I know my work well, sometimes other people just need more description. Giving some positive explanations about the making of open spiral can be helpful to my readers. Below are the features from material, tools to how-tos, in fact; each feature can stand right independently.:
  1. Material: You start with only 1 piece of wire. You only make sure it is long enough but do not have to measure the actual length. The length is not the thing determining the size.
  2. Tools: a cutter, pliers with a pair of very small tips and a platform, i.e. anything with a flat surface. No other tools needed.
  3. When setting the circles, you grasp the very center of wire with your pliers. The only place might have tool marks. Your pliers have nothing to do with the surface of spiral. One of the best things is the very center point could be cut out later, therefore no tool marks exist.
  4. What the platform plays? It not only helps to set the horizon, but also make the process easier and faster. With the help, even a beginner can make it without pain. You make the spirals not only with both hands but also with a platform.
  5. While making and ending, always keep both ends of wire toward opposite directions. This way can make sure the same sizes, moreover the shape will be better for the flexibility of metal wire.
  6. Spirals with long tails: Each spiral you get has a long wire tail. You can turn the wire tail into other shapes for functional or decorating purposes.

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